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  1. ahhh, thank you for reading!!!
    this au was really fun to write!
    i'm not completely a layperson about tea ceremony--
    i did do it as an extracurricular in high school times before i abandoned it for calligraphy class
    i'm better at patience with kanji, it seems ;;;;
    (let's pretend this is the fifth way of hosting a tea ceremony, haha)
    STILL, i'd LOVE to make this ritual fit more in line with actual ornamental tea ceremonies
    hahaha, it'd be fun to fix, i love talking about stuff like that, im a total nerd!

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    1. Tea ceremony as an extracurricular in school - how cool is that! I wish this was a thing when I was in high school...
      I wonder if we're from different tea schools then.
      Anyway, there are some things that I'm guessing are common for them - like the host never making tea for himself to drink and not drinking any during the whole ceremony at all. Or eating sweets before the tea, not during drinking. And well, when the tea bowl is full the guest turns it so he doesn't drink from the front, and admiring the design is later - when the bowl is empty. Personally I think no teacher would be sitting cross-legged instead of seiza. Those are just details, but bc of them what you wrote seems a bit off to me
      Ah, and I was surprised they had tables in this class - since we never use them. I remember only one chakai when ryurei style ceremony was performed but the guests were people who had never seen tea ceremony at all so sitting in seiza would be uncomfortable for them. But I guess this is all up to personal preference.
      You mentioned they use water from the sacred river - did you know that there is special temae exactly for that, although rn I'm not sure if it's not koicha-only thing (I have to ask sensei during next lesson). Speaking of which - haven't you thought about doing koicha instead of usuicha for divination? Since the tea is so thick there is always something left in the cup. Or maybe they could do the ceremony the same way when making it as an offering (like in shrine, so no-one drinks it then)

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      1. the host NEVER makes tea for him/herself to drink, that's true. i struggled with that!
        ultimately i decided that since this was a perversion of the tea ceremony i was going to live wild, since i needed it to do specific things.
        but i could probably think my way around this somehow... hmmm, i just decided this wasn't the tea ceremony one would do for guests necessarily, so much as a personal ritual, though you can "host" a tea ceremony but then you don't need to have the magic tea resonate with your personal magic so you don't drink it, which would match the rules.
        mastukawa is breaking the rules, these kids are not v dedicated at this class except oikawa, lmfao
        the admiring the tea bowl/cup happens before there's tea in it and after the tea is gone, though, i THINK? i forgot about turning the cup though, rawr, you're right, thank you so much, my brain is creaking in excitement at being reminded of all this neat stuff.
        their teacher sits cross-legged because he's not giving a ceremony, he's just up at the front of the class watching and he does it ALL DAY, i think his legs would go numb, i know mine do, crying. (it's their assistant coach from the manga, haha)
        the tables are there because sometimes in that class they do ikebana and calligraphy and stuff! that classroom is not just for tea ceremony. they also need to take notes and there's a whiteboard there too, haha.
        THICK TEA IS SO HARD TO DRINK :P. i wanted the thin stuff so it could spill out onto the rice paper, and the paper looks like the fortunes you get from a shrine on new years or like, and i wanted the fortune to look like suminagashi with more shape. that's what i was thinking! but i also definitely did not want to use any japanese words in this fic, which is an english language fic, so #struggle to describe it. 'rivering' maybe? ink marbling?
        i didn't know about the special temae! what's involved in that? i never learned any koicha stuff at all, i was mostly going from my vague personal memories of the class, we had to take one of the Four Arts, my sister learned to play court music, she's terrible at it, i wish she'd taken calligraphy with me so i hadn't had to listen, etc. anyway the offering to a shrine is a great idea, i love the aesthetic idea of this.

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        1. You've written about magical tea ceremony so you had to make some alterations. Making it the way you do an offering has a spiritual aspect that would match the magical and the host wouldn't drink the tea so it would all be faithful to the rules.
          As expected from Matsukawa lmao
          No, admiring the tea cup is only after drinking - this is the only moment when the guest has it when it's empty.
          My tea teacher can sit in seiza for hours and since formal tea gathering lasts about 3 hours the ability to seat that way is a must. I am not that strong and want to die after half hour, so I tend to kind of slide to the side :P It's never been explicitly stated, but I'm under impression that sitting cross-legged in the tea room is not in good manners. I blame kimonos.
          Imo doing it on a table is uncomfortable, unless it's almost the same height as chair, in which case it'd be uncomfortable for studying. But that's just my personal preference.
          Oh, suminagashi is so pretty! I think I saw 'marbling' used to describe both it and ebru, but it does look like painted river (ebru not much for that matter, but the technique is very similar). I think it wouldn't work with tea - matcha makes a suspension in water, and for suminagashi you need a surfactant, like oil, that's why oil-based inks are used for it. And you put paper on the water surface not pour it on the paper. Uh sorry for sudden chemistry, it is my major, I couldn't stop myself...
          But still imo your idea is pretty neat, although I imagined it quite differently than you (obviously) like pouring the tea on kaishi paper and, since it's usually folded in half, opening it to see the shape.
          For the temae with sacred water you need mizusashi shaped like the well bucket and decorated with straw rope with plaited paper like here
          since on all pictures I found was chaire instead of natsume I'm guessing it's only for koicha.
          Did you plan on making all Four Arts a form of magic in this au?

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