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  1. ahhhh thank you~ !!??!! <3
    i admit to having a soft spot for oikawa that is about 500 kilometers wide ;;;;
    i'm sure it shows ;)
    i'm really glad you enjoyed the friendship elements! friendship is super important to me always
    so i try to make all the characters feel substantial because
    i don't want the romance to be the only thing in the protagonists life!
    and kuroo... my boyfriend.... i just adore him, and this was the first time i've ever written him and it was so fun!
    im really happy it worked for you, and that you liked their romance ;;;;

    MAN, SHOULD I ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTION? i actually want to write more in this world
    i really want to write ushiwaka's story, tbh
    although writing from kenma's pov as someone who doesn't use magic might be interesting as well
    oikawa's mom, oh man, i can tell you she's hardly ever home
    and that kuroo doesn't know that the head of the magical safety and regulations office is oikawa's mom--

    AHHHm thank you so much for reading and commenting <3

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