Comment on On the Surface

  1. I love how in love Law is. It's too bad he's too caught up in his paranoia to realise. (Though of course good for the story.)

    I think my favourite part of this chapter and the story overall is this one: "and as they found their way back to the car, his hand brushed from Law's elbow to his wrist until their fingers were intertwined. A warmth was blossoming in Law's stomach - it'd been there the entire time, simply waiting for Kid to breathe life into it.

    Even in the dark without anyone to really see them like this, Law felt strangely special. Something about Kid made him feel beautiful by association"

    This chapter is so long and full of these precious lines where I just- pause in reading every time I reread a bit. I would love to line them all up for you, but they are so numerous and I'm on mobile with a history in getting everything I type deleted without coming to the point. Maybe I'll find the time one day at the computer though.

    Thank you for writing ♡

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