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  1. I am so touched I am having trouble coming up with words to talk about this. There is so much substance to it, so many complicated feelings. And the, I guess, pacing and order of the details that you give to fill in the story of their relationship, it just feels really controlled and masterful, the way you tell it.

    Like, I don't know, it feels a little bit like a piece of music itself. Very emotional and evocative and clever and artistic and lovely.

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    1. Aja aka bookshop

      okay, A) thank you for your lovely and sweet rec of this (which i have no idea how i even found!!!!) because it was so flattering and such a nice surprise to stumble upon.

      b) thank you for reading! i'm so pleased that people seem to feel the story was musical in and of itself. that makes me very happy, and i'm so very glad you enjoyed it. <333

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