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    I agree with you re: Caldera and Sonder. When Caldera first showed up, I felt like all she did was make excuses about why the Council couldn't do the right thing, but she's grown on me since then. I think she and Sonder both genuinely want to do the right thing, but they haven't had the experiences Alex has had, and they don't recognize that sometimes there are no good choices, but that doesn't absolve you from making a decision. They've had the luxury of being in morally clear-cut encounters for the most part, or perhaps they've just had the luxury of backup, so they've never had to rely totally on themselves and their own wits to survive.

    I'm not sure about the Light vs. Dark at this point. The highly placed Light mages we've met have been truly horrible people. Other than Sonder, I'm not sure I could name a Light mage that seems to deserve the title.

    Landis is an odd bird. I hope we see more of him, because I don't have a great grasp on his character yet. And sorry if he seemed to randomly appear! I meant to imply there was a time jump between when Alex talked to Deleo and when Caldera called him. During that hour or so, he dispatched Vari to fetch Landis and then also sent Anne and Vari out for equipment.

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    1. she and Sonder both genuinely want to do the right thing,
      Definitely. But Caldera also has seen more than Sonders. But she still believes that the system is better than the anarchy the Dark Mages practise. (she might not be wrong. How much worse would it be if there were no Concord?)
      Rereading Veiled, I noticed the many conversations between Verus and Caldera. It's amazing just how much Verus acts a Dark Mage. They don't have the authorisation for arrest? Why not do it anyway, he wants to and the only thing holding him back is Caldera and that he wants to be an auxiliary Keeper. Else he probably would have taken justice into his own hands. No wonder Caldera trusts him, but wonders if he can work with Light Mages.

      Admittedly, we haven't yet met that many Light mages. Sure, there is Talisid who is (probably) from the Guardian faction, and Caldera the Keeper, but I don't know what the Directors do, or the rest. So... I still keep a bit hope. Not a lot though.

      And sorry if he seemed to randomly appear!
      No problem. ^^ I thought that there was a time jump, I just couldn't find it mentioned anywhere.
      I really hope we see more of Landis, too. He might become really good friends with Verus... I mean if he sticks around, Verus will show him all the places and people perfect for big explosions. ;) But it's a good sign already, that he took Vari on at all.

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