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  1. Oh my god. This is absolutely a fantastic, glorious piece of fanfiction! What an opening bang to a new fandom tag. I don't think I can thank you enough for this, it's all I wished for and *more*. (So far I lived out my fandom urges sending letters in 'Luna answers' to Jacka. :D) Because this deserves nothing less, I will comment on every single chapter.

    You nailed Alex and Luna here. I am not such a big fan of Luna, but I enjoy her sass and how much it breaks through Alex "mysterious, darkish, silent mage" look. Which, truthfully, I think is why she does it at all. Alex looks and acts the part of having secrets and too much knowledge. To make him smile is probably a very worthwile endeavour.

    I like how you described the old, lonely garden woman. Are egg shells really the secret?

    And kudos to you on how much managed to describe Alex's powers. They are not easy to use for a writer. Point, shout, fireball and magic system makes this look simple. I love his powers, really. They look harmless, mostly, but he uses them to an absultely deadly effect.

    Deleo... she wants to harvest him?! O.o Are two harvesting by one person even possible? Probably. But the consequence would be uncontrollable madness. Especially, if someone like Alex got harvested, because I think he is more stubborn and his mind a lot more dangerous than Shirell's.

    A magical Hulk garden. That was the moment, when I knew I wouldn't merely like this fanfic, but *love* it. The description, the power, the use. Everything fit perfectly.

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      Eeeee! Thank you, thank you! I'm so glad that you like it, and I'm even more glad that there's someone I can squee over the novels with, because I am a superfan. :)

      You are incredibly lovely to comment on every chapter. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so. I will respond to each and every one (because such effort on your part deserves nothing less).

      I'm also not always a huge fan of Luna, but I appreciate that she's actually (worryingly?) morally flexible, and I love that she's always in Alex's corner. I feel like he needs the support system, and their utter trust and protection of one another is one of my favorite aspects of her character.

      Deleo is pretty off the rains, and in my head canon for this fic, she feels like the only way to prove to Richard that she can best Alex is to repeat the scene with Shireen, utterly dominating and defeating him by taking his magic into herself. But yeah, you're totally right about it not working well for her. If she wasn't half-mad, she wouldn't try and attempt it, because I think having Alex running around in your head could be very, very dangerous. He wouldn't be subsumed easily.

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      1. I'm even more glad that there's someone I can squee over the novels with, because I am a superfan.
        Hello superfan! :D I want to squee with you. I found Alex Verus by accident, and I just fell in love with the books. It's so rare to find an underdog main character, who is the hero and still manages to have a moral set that feels real and grey. Not to mention I just *love* the world and the characters.

        Luna's major concern is, that she wants to stay at Alex's side, I think. In the last book it became clear that she doesn't really care if Light or Dark. And Alex cares mainly because he is terrified of Richard. Actually, no matter if Variam, Anna or Luna, all three are very dark grey. Richard probably took one look at them and thought "good work Alex of gaining the loyalty of three powerful mages that would do everything for you." Not to mention, the three are complimenting Verus very very well ability wise.

        Yeah. Alex would kill Deleo.

        Thanks to that fanfic, I started rereading Veiled. I have forgotten how ruthless he is with a knife in that subway station. Sure, he loses and the other isn't hurt, but... the descroption is emotionally very cold.

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