Comment on Operation: Wait, What Were We Supposed to Be Doing Again?

  1. I interpreted Tess's attempts to poison Conner as being better for him than deteriorating in the same way as the other clones. He had begun to lose his memory and had headaches. She only did it because she loved Alexander, a delightful child , with curly ginger hair just like me! I just don't understand why Lex killed her in the last episode.

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    1. Princess Tutu: Way More Awesome Than It Sounds

      Huh, that's a theory I've not heard before. I suppose it could make sense as well, though a 'mercy killing' of a sapient being who hasn't consented to it is till a big no-no as far as I'm concerned.

      Aa far as Lex killing Tess, from a narrative perspective I think it was supposed to reinforce for us that Lex is not a good person and his world-view is seriously messed up. In-universe... idk, maybe he really did think she was irredeemable and that this was best for everyone? Or maybe he just really wanted his company back.

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