Comment on Goodbye, Luke

  1. Well, he was on for 3 years when he was only supposed to be on for 3 months....had fan run conventions in places where the show didnt even air...and shared astonishing, amazing and rare chemistry with his co-star/best friend...and is still one half of the first gay a bunch of other great stuff...not too shabby. Plus the Noah character is pretty fascinating and no so "one note" as a certain Dr.
    Reid, on the other hand...tanked the ratings...some of the lowest were Reid days...and character wise...they wrecked Luke, a legacy character by turning him into an aimless shell with no story...he was basically a prop for Reid...they had essentially no relationship of any kind...then they brought fourth the mighty train and put things back to normal.

    Anyways, these shipper wars are silly...I don't mind Reid...I just don't like him paired with Luke because it doesn't work. The show couldn't even make it work. You never knew why they even wanted to be in the same room together...they should have had Reid and Chris get least their scenes had some spark.

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