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  1. Pretty cute fic!

    Just wondering, is there an active gatchaman fandom? I'm only a dozen or so episodes in, but I'm really liking it. Seems like fan content is either 10 years old or inactive, you're the most recent poster. I tried searching gatchamania but I only get an inactive site, is there another one I couldn't find? Thanks for any help.

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    1. Hello, and thanks for reaching out. Yes there is an "active" Gatchaman fandom, but it is very small and the level of activity has indeed decreased even in the few years since I joined.
      I can possibly contact the admin of Gatchamania on your behalf to enable you to register there (or you could try contacting Cep directly from the Gatchamania site and ask him to register you).
      There is also a message board called Center Neptune Control which is newer and has fans of Gatchaman as well as Battle of the Planets. This might be a good starting point. If you register there we can PM and discuss getting you in touch with Cep.
      And there are a couple of fan groups on Facebook that I belong to as well. There are people posting art and some fics there.

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