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  1. I stalk your LJ so would saying there was a contradiction on Merlin's birth get you back to work on LM or away from it? XDD

    I was re-reading the series for the X number of times and noticed in Radioman that Hunith lost Merlin's father before Merlin was born and in War Games it was confirmed that Merlin's father died before he was born.


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    1. Loaded March

      Yay for stalkers!

      And, YIKES! No, saying that there was a major continuity error makes me go "EEeep!" and swear a whole lot. Thank you so much for catching that! This is why I need my own Wiki!

      Since both of those documents have very tiny fixes to clear that up, I have edited Radioman and War Games to correct that.

      Thanks again!
      (also, I will be back to working on LM soon)

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      1. Not a problem :D Yes, the rate your LM series is going, it's going to need SOMETHING to keep track of things. I wonder what the wiki-creation policy is for fandom-made universe.

        Loving the series, just my brain did not want to let that little issue go xp

        Off to re-read XDDD


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        1. Loaded March

          I have no idea what the wiki-creation policy is, but can always create one, I suppose? There are wiki farms, and I've seen wikis for RPGs, so I suppose it could be done?

          I appreciate you letting me know about the continuity error. That would bug me too if I tripped over it -- but I'm too busy writing to go back to reread to fact check (oops)!

          Thanks again! :D

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          1. Yes, I often frequent the Merlin wiki for future episode summaries XDDD

            I'd help with the wiki but I'm so busy right now, up until November 25. After that it's smooth sailing XDD

            I should warn you though that from my experience (and I've never been an administrator for any wiki, just an editor) some people don't need to register to edit a wiki. It's because their policy is that wiki is a community thing, and everyone should contribute like a big happy family. So, there could be trolls removing pages or adding random information and stuff. It could be a full-time job XP

            Yes, I know it's busy (must be, if you can write more than 4000 words a day!) Let the readers do the re-read for you XDDD

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            1. Loaded March

              I wouldn't know what to do to set up a Wiki -- much less have the time to do it in, unfortunately :( The more I look into it, the more I realize (like you said) that it's going to be a full time job keeping track of everything.

              I probably will not be the one setting one up, though. I'd rather be writing :D

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