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    I can only echo others in support of these questions. I work in an educational institution which takes donations on a different model to this, usually - but the idea we would even go to our small, mass donors asking them to support our operational costs without a finalised budget is absolutely ludicrous. The organisation is asking for open donations, which is fine, but without an agreed budget this is basically a request for people to throw money at the organisation on faith that it will be spent appropriately. What makes this target a target? If this is for six months, what happens if the drive goes over its goal? How will the extra money be used? Will the drive set the budget for the next six months, or will any difference be made up by/go into reserves? If there are such extensive reserves as others have said, what justifies this marketing push that without donations the AO3 might cease to exist?

    I have no financial expertise, and only want to respond as an AO3 user who received this message via email (with no other information). Others clearly have not agreed, but I find it quite tacky for the organisation to be raising this level of cash on the back of fans' inexperience and/or goodwill. Maybe fans are lucky to have this place (although, as I recall, we muddled by without it). At the same time, the organisation is exceptionally lucky to have donors who have this level of trust that their money will be looked after, not least when there are reports suggesting that money people have donated in the past has been mismanaged, ie. put in accounts which earn negligible interest, and that a reasonable chunk of this money will therefore be covering for funds that the organisation should have had as income. More than encourage new donors, it must be a matter of respect to those current donors to get the organisation's finances sorted out.

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