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  1. Thank YOU for taking the time to read them! I'm so flattered that you'd even think to ask this :')

    I do consider Tea-verse and Borderline-verse (as I've come to think of them) as very different timelines because they feature very different Rensais. One is willing to look back on what he's done and actively seek repentance and growth, and the other is too busy feeling sorry for himself to recognize (and at times even care about) how much he's hurting others. So besides the obvious standalones that you mentioned, pretty much everything is organized into those two categories in my mind and can be pretty reliably identified depending on whether he remotely deserves Jimaya.

    Originally I thought I was going to write like three fics total for Ka and I really wanted everything to exist in the same timeline, but clearly that didn't pan out, lol. That said, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your eyes on this niche circus nonsense, and if there's anything you particularly like and want to see more of, I'll do my best to make it happen. Thanks again!

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    1. Thanks for yor an answer! Thats a separation i havent even thougt about but a now very clear one!

      I am so happy it turned out to be more than three storys and will happily read whatever comes!

      I just want to say my favorit is by far borderline suspect. I love the moments in it when the characters finaly talk open and honest to eachother after so many lies and unspoken trues. It realy makes them all feel like real pepole with real reactions. Im realy imprest of the angst you make me as a reader feel over those poor people and there pride and bad comunication skills xD

      Keep up your great work and know you have a new fan of your "niche circus nonsense"

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      1. Ooh, good to know - I'm also very naturally drawn to angst and have a WIP that might be up your alley. Hopefully that will be finished soon, I just need to power through! In the meantime if you haven't tried Walkabout or Contingencies yet, I think you'll be into those.

        Thank you once again! My Discord is in my profile - I run a Cirque server where we share and discuss all kinds of stuff like this so drop me a line if you'd like to join!

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        1. Ohh nice! One of these days i will discover Discord and when that day arive i will come by and say hi :)

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