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  1. Definitely put us on a little bit of a rollercoaster there and thought you were about to commit a Valentines Day massacre with this one! Glad you didn’t and honestly the way you had it go down is a little more in line with how it would go in canon.

    Confusing and conflicting emotions is what teenagers are all about, amd Hermione’s confession over her feelings and wanting to take things slow is something I could see her doing. Also like that you had her still be true to herself and say that her studies had to take priority, but that just meant that they wouldn’t have as much alone time as they would like.

    I thought the edible roses was a nice idea.

    Also it was a nice change to see Sirius have a bit more mature voice in your fic than always wisecracking fanon Sirius.

    Really enjoyed your fic and thanks for writing!

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    1. Cheers! Always love pulling (or yanking) the rug from underneath my readers’ feet!

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