Comment on Murderous Days and Cosmogone Dreams

  1. Warning: Cognitive Hazard

    > Has someone been reading too many "romance" novels, again?
    I haven't even! I've been reading detective stories! They're still horrible.

    > Someone ought to get that on a crop-top.
    Gimmie like four hours to finish the postwork on the valentines, and I'll see if I can't arrange this on Chaz. *laughs* Possibly Neathy Chaz, if I can figure out how to do that without spoilers, but I think you may already know what's going on with him...

    > Be DAMN RELIEVED that you didn't come here unescorted. I adore Hafs, but and she's scary as hell.
    Oh, like he could even get through a mirror without help. *laughs* But, yes. She is wonderful and terrifying.

    > humans will pretty much fuck anything.

    "Down, Hafs. He's not your species." Chaz rolled his eyes apologetically at Reid, who barely dared to breathe.

    "Says the guy who has never once let that get in his way,"

    *whistles innocently*
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    1. Dragon Age Origins Mabari

      I love the Chaz/Hafs sibling dynamic so much. Now even cattier than usual! :'D

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