Comment on What You Like--The Tale of Sango and Miroku

  1. This is probably the best Miroku/Sango I've ever read.
    The other characters were used well and didn't overshadow the main couple.
    Well, you made me hurt so much for Inuyasha, but Sango and Miroku's happiness managed to counteract it.
    And Kagome...I so wish she could've been there. But, I'm so glad she had managed to squirrel away that gift for Sango (and Miroku) before she got stuck in the future.

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    1. Omgggggg thank you so much! I appreciate this truly because they aren't my OTP so I really felt like I struggled writing this! The only thing I felt confident about was the angsty Inu parts because I can only imagine exactly how he was reacting to everything and then how Sango would. THANK YOU!!!!!

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