Comment on Drottningville

  1. Michael is a riot! I liked his piece. :) Oh, man! Poor Nigella and Bill! :( I wonder if Marlene could to still be alive? Improbable, but perhaps Hank and Pete did let her for dead but she's holding out for now? Such horrible a time those three women had in Hank and Pete's hands but not every one got a chance to start anew! I don't know if Charlotte and her people are secretly not so nice people or just afraid of losing their chance to stay in a good, safer place. *muses about it* Good chapter, anyway! I am intrigued about all the newcomers to Penny's home. I got the feel some could not to be what they show themselves to be. Perhaps not as bad as that. I am a bit paranoid sometimes and we got more to learn about them yet. I'm intrigued! :D Thank you for those new updates. I am enjoying the mystery and all the competent organization Penny's people have going. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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