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  1. :smirk_cat:

    1. thought of it in the shower
    2. you know the other wip with the car scene my friend was like "wow jayce should have a bike" but the thing is there was already like 2000 words' worth of happenings in a car and i didn't feel like retconning that much so i gave jayce a bike here
    3. thought of it in the shower and then laughed and got soap into my mouth
    4. giopara is a made up word by riot games. i also thought it was italian.
    5. you're brew-tiful
    6. :smirk_cat:
    7. lit students go crazy for repeating motifs, they see a reference to a line two pages ago and go hogwild
    8. :smirk_cat: it was the runner up for the title but i didn't feel like telling people i was quoting from a twitter account
    9. i l-word you

    stay ignorantly blissful! l*ve you too (yelled at this comment). happy new year in advance ao3 user evenings :3

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