Comment on The Matchmakers of Shikon High

  1. I gotta say, binging KagInu fics aside (despite having no direct exposure to the source material {I've also been scouring through for a couple days, don't judge me}) wasn't the worst thing I could've done. Binging this fic collection both sated me and made me hunger for more.

    Though I'll admit to having expected the twist of Kagome and Inuyasha already dating in secret for a while before Jakotsu enacted his master plan, I must say that this fic wasn't bad at all. Didn't disappoint, at least.

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    1. Kagura

      I am glad that you are liking it!

      I have found I adore grumpy teacher Inuyasha, and am probably going to be writing more of him (though not exactly from this world.)

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