Comment on Intervention

  1. This was loads of fun to read.

    And no, you weren't mean to Albus. He spent years preparing Harry to sacrifice himself for a bunch of assholes who loved him one day, and hated him the next. He left him with strangers who had the thinest of ties to him and then NEVER CHECKED ON HIM AGAIN. And IF Mrs. Figg told him what was going on and he didn't do anything about it, even more reason to torture him in the afterlife. Dumbledore is not light. He's grey, if anything and a grey so dark it borders on black. He was an adult who was satisfied to let an untrained child fight a war for a bunch of other adults.

    Yeah, Albus getting his arrogant, he knows better/more than everyone else ass handed to him is a good thing, in my not so humble view. :D

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