Comment on Yellow Isn't Just for Friendship

  1. This was sweet and exactly how I hoped Beronica would have gone in the show. I love how you show their connection and I love the alternate meaning of Veronica "moving in" on someone who was claimed. If only the show had guts!

    These lines were great:
    "A quick inspection showed her what she already knew about herself - clear skin, pale lips, pale eyes, normal lashes. Next to someone like Veronica - easy beauty and lithe grace - Betty was nothing more than the hometown girl-next-door. It had never bothered her before; she was who she was. But now, with someone like that in town . "
    "Wry quips and cultural asides had filled their conversations and despite a few of what Betty would politely call class differences, Veronica had been nothing but friendly. It was almost as if they’d been friends for years."
    "Something more than anger flashed across her eyes, but Betty didn’t understand why it was Cheryl would look so jealous."
    "Even after they’d sat down, Veronica refused to let her hand go. And try as she might, Betty couldn’t focus on anything except the warm softness of Veronica next to her. "
    " “Ah, compulsory heterosexuality,” Kevin said with a sigh. “If only more people were as open to exploring as you were, we wouldn’t have so many problems.” "
    "As if teasing her, Veronica let her thumb brush against the back of Betty’s neck. Memories of their kiss flooded through Betty’s mind and she spun to break the spell."
    "Betty followed Veronica out onto the field, her heart in her throat and the feeling of new beginnings on the horizon. "
    "Now, instead of turning into a puddle of emotions at the sight of Archie, Betty felt only a small tug of attraction. The consuming fire he’d once ignited in her was nothing more than a dying ember, as if it had been doused by ice water. "
    "Kevin’s encouragement echoed in her mind- we only have one life to live - and she turned towards Veronica. “Veronica, would you like to go to the dance with me?” "

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