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  1. Oh, I didn't think of it in that way at all. I didn't write this to have the Nyota/Janice overshadowed by the K/S. I wanted the fic to be in the moment, to have the scene unfold as it was happening, but I also felt some exposition was needed to explain why both Nyota and Spock were hooking up with other people when the canon established them as a couple. As much as this was a Nyota/Janice story, it was also a Nyota/Spock story too.

    I guess I failed at showing love to both couples. I guess I could've written the scene better to explain the Nyota/Spock breakup and the Nyota/Janice hooking up without it seeming like the K/S is there to overshadow it. The scene was also written to show Nyota was being in her head too much. Not that it excuses it at all or that I deliberately used Nyota to bring K/S together, but I wanted to show that even though Nyota and Spock had broken up, she's still his friend and would want him to be happy in anyway she could help (if the situation/scenes were reversed, I'd show that Spock and Nyota were still friends and that Spock would want her to be happy even if he was getting together with Kirk).

    I do see now that maybe Nyota should focus on her own love life and not so much on K/S, and I'll definitely try to tweak the paragraph (or delete it entirely) to not make it seem like the Nyota/Janice is overshadowed by the K/S.

    Thank you for reading and commenting; it's much appreciated.

    (I dunno if there'll be more to this. I certainly won't discount the idea.)

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