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  1. Okay first of all I would like to say that I was delighted to find your comment in my inbox and absolutely FLOORED at everything you said – seriously this comment made my day, thank you so so much for reading this fic and for taking the time to talk about it with such depth as well <3<3<3

    But seriously, take this as testament to how well these three Kira/Cretak stories work as an arc, as well as self-contained narratives.
    I'm BLUSHING, I'm so very glad you liked all three of these fics!! I didn't approach them as an arc from the start, but "Strategy of Attrition" means a lot to me and inevitably every Kira/Cretak story I wrote since then has gravitated towards being a sequel. I wrote "Policy of Truth" as an independent fic (being for an exchange and all), but also as a way to bridge the distance between SoA and "Building", and I'm glad if it works in both contexts!

    the way the asymmetry between them has been reversed, in some ways, with Kira now a general and Cretak an asylum-seeker from a world on the brink of devastation
    This reversal is something I definitely thought about while writing, so I'm very happy you noticed! I tried to tread carefully with it because I think Kira is more conscious than most people about the power she wields (especially post-DS9) but Cretak still represents a profound alteration to the status quo Kira has lived with in the last decade. I'm glad it worked for you!

    And it seems very true to Kira's character to express her care for someone through the medium of grief.
    oof, yes, I completely agree with this. As you say, Kira doesn't do self-deception: she knows grief intimately, as the other facet of caring for the people she loves. A big aspect of Kira that I've tried to write into this story is that she's become... a little lonely at the top. She's lost so many, and everyone else has left the station. Unlike in SoA she can't even have a chat with Ezri. And Cretak being back is too good to be true, almost a sign. Except that it isn't really, but maybe they can still acknowledge each other, forge another alliance. It's different than the one they used to have, but no less important. And yes, I wanted to give Kira that very very strongly too :')

    It really brings home how much Kira and the station are entangled. Which is why her decision to develop an independent refugee policy for DS9 works so well as a kind of narrative closure.
    I'm very glad you think so!! And the fact that both the station and Kira are almost haunted, I agree. I felt like I had to frame this story like that, since about Cretak returning unexpectedly after being believed dead. In more than one way, it *is* a story about ghosts— both Kira and Cretak have survived against all odds and carry the very real weight of it on their shoulders.

    I'm very very glad that you found the relationship between Ro and Kira believable (it's maybe not a popular headcanon of mine, but I feel like they'd butt heads a lot) and that the way I wrote about the Qowat Milat made sense to you! I admit I wasn't particularly sold on it on ST: Picard either, but while writing I realized that it could represent a good way for Cretak to start over after everything that happened to her, making her start questioning some principles she's held all her life.

    Thank you again so much for reading!! I'll be thinking about your comment for a long time for sure, and I'm so glad you liked this fic, it really means a lot <3

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