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  1. OMG, thank *you* for this comment!! 😭 (and also absolutely don't apologize for having taken NOTES, honestly it's every fic writer's dream!!!)

    they’re obliviously playing their romantic game of cat-and-mouse with each other (they both think they’re the cat)
    this made burst out laughing, it's 100% real!!

    I'm very glad you liked the way I tried to write the time jump! I wanted to describe how much Kira feels on uneven footing with the reality of having Cretak be back, even if Kira has dreamed of a moment like this for years. It's not unlike what happened with Jadzia and Ezri I suppose, but as always Cretak presents a very difficult challenge for Kira. I'm glad you found the story both grounded and relatable.

    I'm also very happy you liked the way I wrote Ro!! I have wanted to try writing her for some time, and this seemed the perfect opportunity to let her and Kira interact. I completely agree with you that Ro has that chip on her shoulder and it wouldn't easily go away, but as you say it was fun to have her be the voice of reason and caution to Kira's moment of impulsiveness (as someone noticed in the comments, she's surprisingly not unlike Odo in this, which was a realization that surprised me as well while I was writing!)

    And YES I'm so glad you were imagining Zetha as the warrior nun— I think she'd fit super well among the Qowat Milat, while also never really forgetting what happened to Cretak. I like to think that she convinced the rest of the order that freeing Cretak was the right thing to do, even if took a decade!

    (Cretak not knowing about Ross’ betrayal and being hurt by it at the hearing- how dare you?!)
    This was something I thought about a lot— I think Cretak may have suspected that something with Ross was amiss after Julian came to her in "Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges" but even then, I think she considered him if not a friend at least a good colleague. I think learning the truth about how things went down would have confirmed her worst suspicions, stuff that has gnawed at her for years. And that, plus the humiliating process of the hearing in itself, it's what makes Cretak snap at Kira :(

    Thank you again so, so much for this comment!! It was lovely to find it in my inbox and it made my day <3 I want to take this opportunity to tell you that your art and your thoughts on Kira/Cretak have been a big inspiration for this fic, so it means a lot to me that you liked it!!

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