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  1. First of all, I'm very very pleased if this fic managed to fill the gap of a Kira/Cretak reunion!! I for one have been wondering about it a lot, and mazily's prompts ended up nudging me in the direction I needed to make it an actual fic.

    What a line, and what an insight into Kira, that level of intensity that is never melodrama; how she really does just experience that level of depth in something as ostensibly banal as passing by a jumja stand with a girl she used to date.
    This part of you comment was so good and validating because I confess I agonized over that line more than any other part of the fic... I kept asking myself, is this too much? Too on the nose?? So that you thought it was a good insight into Kira makes me go !!!!!!

    I love how Kira and Cretak have to pass through the challenge of the political problem to ever even get to the personal one—'not a sign, but a herald' is such a whopping revelation!
    It's also great to hear that you thought that the revelation worked well! (It's another part I worried a lot, not making the revelation obvious but also not bringing it up out of nowhere.) It *had* to be a political problem first and foremost, because so much of what makes this ship is the political colliding with the personal. The matter of the supernova and the displaced Romulan offered the perfect motivation.

    I'm very happy you liked all the appearances of the other characters— I wanted to try my hand at imagining how Kira and Ro could interact and again, this fic presented the ideal setting for their personality to first be at odds but then eventually coming to an understanding. And all the other (ex) DS9 inhabitants— I have so many ideas about them, and this fic forced me to make a pin and choose a specific worldstate (definitely gonna use that for Trek fic from now on, btw) and it turned into something I now have... many feelings about, even if this fic wasn't the right space to delve into everyone's story.

    I'm also very glad you thought the idea of the Qowat Milat worked well within the fic. The questions of secrecy/candor was at the forefront of my mind throughout, and yours and other comments have made me realize how much of this is also about unchecked loyalty and unearned commitment VS 'a promise is a prison'.

    Finally— I absolutely agree Cretak is an idealist!

    Thank you again for taking the time to leave such a great comment, I already reread it multiple times because it makes me grin so much! I'm very, very happy you liked this fic! <3 <3

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