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  1. I'm so, so glad you liked it!! Reading your 'dear creator' letter I was immediately inspired to put on paper the reunion between Kira and Cretak, which I'd been thinking about a lot on my own as well and... it became a sort of perfect storm. At some point it turned into something very personal and I was worried the story and the characters would make sense only to me, so I'm definitely happy to hear it worked for you as well!

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to write this, and thank you for your kind comment ❤️

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    1. keef in a tree

      I'm so glad my letter was any sort of inspiration to get you to write this all down so the rest of us get to read it—seriously, I keep thinking about this story, about a universe in which the Romulan refugee crisis is dealt with seriously and compassionately, in which Kira is so very Kira (but older, perfectly recognizably changed) and Cretak is changed and yet still there (again, recognizably changed, and in a way that makes sense and is painful in just the right ways), and of course any reunion (and relationship, in the beginning or later) is going to be fraught with the realities of their situations and positions and personalities and cultural differences in the ways they look at, face things. and Ro has stepped so perfectly into Odo's shoes and yet is completely her own self, and genderqueer Ezri (for whom I have such a soft spot, and have since the beginning, so <3) and just the right hints of everyone's lives, fully realized and just over to the side of the main story. And the way you've weaved in all the various facets of Romulan society and truthfulness versus secrecy and I really wish i were better able to explain each and every thing I love about this, but suffice it to say it is all of it.

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