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  1. gandalf by larmay

    Okay, I would have commented sooner, like I promised, but since I've never logged on before (as noted, you get my first log-on!) I had forgotten my password. Eeep!

    What can I say about this fabulous piece of perfection that at times leaves me speechless and flailing? Like, I can't believe that I've found almost everything I've ever wanted in Tolkien fic in one story? Or, how I can go on reading, laughing and crying at the same time? Or, or, how all the awesome, usually forgotten dwarves (Thráin, Thrór, ALL THE FABULOUS DWARROWDAMS, etc. etc.) get their time to shine? And all the research, and the feels, and the summary (dead peanut gallery for the win!), and, and future LEGOLAS/GIMLI sweet, sweet Durin's beard it's gonna be awesome. XD!

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