Comment on Anything That Bleeds

  1. I'm loving your fic SO MUCH, but I just wanted to chime in here because I really don't think you should be worried about reused material at all. If someone isn't familiar with the idea of common fandom tropes (such as alternate universes that play by different rules like D/s, A/B/O, etc. or traditional hurt/comfort scenarios) then it might seem to him or her that something is being copied. But just like there are hundreds, if not thousands, of similar concepts that begin published novels the same thing is true, if not more so, with fic. It's all up to the author to make a trope unique past its beginning and I think a lot of us really love that you've done so here.

    Things like subs being punished, feeling guilt, having a different biological response to certain scenarios than doms, subs' rights, and so on are not something that can be stolen because no one person can be attributed to creating them. I mean, there are (at the time of this comment) 947 works in the Alternate Universe - BDSM tag, for example.

    But your fic isn't just a bunch of those cliches! You've clearly thought out your own universe. Your dynamics are very focused and clear, covering so much ground between different characters. And making Natasha a sub in and of itself is, as I think I and others have said, so rare. I really love that I'm getting to read that concept in a well-written, long story that works so hard to make it believable rather than weakening her spirit just for smut or H/C.

    Anyway, I should go leave a real comment on the most recent material but I just wanted to 1) say a general, "This fic makes me so happy and I love your writing!" and 2) speak up about the issue of "credit" in regards to a popular fandom concept.

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