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  1. Oh there will be plenty of time for all the teasing. As if Eren could ever resist? XD
    It's great to hear from you, I'm sorry about the delay with my other fics :/ UNI man :p it's great but HECTIC T_T But I'm happy that you like this new work, it's something I've been working on for a little while now (cos there just aren't enough knotting and alpha/omega fics in this fandom) Clearly I plan to fix that ^_^
    I'm glad you like the fic so far, that sass and stubborn Levi is always fun to write :) I'm working on a back story chapter at the moment, just to keep things fresh, so there will be actual story to this and not just the boys going at it (although there will be plenty of that as well)
    Super glad that you liked this first chapter ^_^ it's great stress relief being able to write something that I know will be shorter than my other fics :) thanks for the support!

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    1. I really really really hate when my comment gets cut in half -.- sooo annoying.

      Eren resisting? Haha

      It's totally ok. UNI is hard and kudos to you for staying and not giving up. I'm glad you are trying out the A/O/B verse, it's my fav! I can't wait to see more of this. (: you never disappoint. Your writing is superb. But seriously... Don't wear yourself out. ❤️

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      1. You spoke to soon. I woke up this morning half-dead with this damned cold :p it was so bad I almost fell asleep in my breakfast, I even stayed home from UNI today. All good though, I got plenty of rest during the day and I got to marathon some more Bleach so ^_^
        Hopefully I'll be able to go to class tomorrow, but it'll definitely be an early night for me.
        Thanks for the compliment, I'm happy that you enjoy my writing ^_^ I've got a few ideas for the A/O/B verse and this one just happens to be the one with the most content at the moment. But there will be plenty more where this came from ^_^
        I hope you're doing well too, don't get sick like me. Trust me, it sucks

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        1. Oh dear that freaking suuucks. Omg I haven't watched bleach since the defeat of Aizen *tear* I miss it. I'm so behind on a couple animes that I sob at the thought of. Can I go back to being a teenager?

          Omg great!! I almost can't wait haha but don't get overloaded. This one author has like 8 fics at the same time... Idk how she does it but maaaaan kudos to her. And there's another who is a Harry Potter writer and omg... Continuous upon continuous fics but she finishes them. It's her passion and has the talent to publish but she doesn't want to. Haha.

          And let's not jinx it but I rarely get sick. Lol it's a blue moon if I do. And I turn into such a big baby, it's pitiful.

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          1. The defeat of Aizen you say? SO THEY'RE GOING TO WIN! YAS! *spoiler alert* Argh, I can't wait for that to happen though. Grr. At least there's plenty of sword-swinging action in between ^_^
            Man I WISH I could be one of those amazing authors who somehow manages to juggle life and writing and own at both. Alas, I have not yet mastered this. But some day... *gazes into the distance*
            I have another chapter for this fic done though (12 000+ words T_T) but my asleep. And I should be too :p so I'll update tomorrow!
            Until then!

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            1. *cries* OMG I'm so sorry T_T I didn't mean to spoil it for you. Wow.

              Idk how they do it but man they are cool to do that with their ongoing fics and life.

              That's quite the time difference, lol, I'm at work now times going to be noon soon, and that means fooooood.

              Ahaha I can't wait!!! ❤️

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              1. It should be up soon anyway. Ao3 has been giving me shit today and it isn't loading on my laptop T_T so if this fic hasn't updated by 11:00PM then check tumblr, cos I'll post the update there if I can't get it on here.

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                1. AO3 was down yesterday night for me. They were looking into it.

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                  1. Yeah, it gave me quite a scare. But it's back up for me now, thank goodness. I just posted the update, it's done and out of my hands now and let me tell you, the relief is REAL o_o

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                    1. Heh. Once I get to work I'll get on it (:

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                      1. Indeed ^_^
                        Sorry for the delay!

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