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  1. Okay, I freaking love this story SO MUCH. I haven't told you, but the pairing of Jakotsu and Kagura as high school bffs who plot to get their teachers together is just precious AND inspired! (And then I love that you added Shippo, kitsune and trickser extraordinaire, into the mix.) And I have to tell you that I just want to HUG this Inuyasha....he's so grouchy, but he had his heart broken, and even though it doesn't seem like Kagome needs him (because she's an independent woman who seems pretty happy in her own existence), it's very clear to me that HE needs HER. Jak and Kagura and Shippo realize this, and they go into full-on matchmaking mode. I love all the little details you brought in, too--Inuyasha MAY have already noticed Kagome. Kagome MAY have already noticed Inuyasha. Kagome likes to bake people cookies. She LIKES having little secrets and doing good things for people.

    Also, can I just say that I can TOTALLY see Inuyasha as a stage hand, helping to build sets, and being super grumpy but secretly loving it? (I think that needs to be the focus of a story!!! Hmmmmm....) But really, my darling, you did an incredible job with this story! I loved it, again, so very much. And, it's a perfect birthday story for our dear Ruddcatha!

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    1. Kagura

      Yes! So first I had no idea Shippo was going to be a part of this when I started it... but he really did round out that dynamic so well!

      And yes, Inuyasha absolutely loved becoming a stage hand, using his strength and sneaking kisses with Kagome in the rafters. He loves teaching, loves his students, and ... definitely now loves Kagome.

      And yessssss theater kids unite for an excellent birthday fic!!! 🎂

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