Comment on treacherous

  1. I saw part 2 in the reveals today and immediately jumped onto this one and hOH BOY OKAY-

    this went in a very different direction than I expected and oh maN i wasn't ready for it omfg, as soon as Jaemin texted Jeno I started to worry and then,, yep D: But aaaaa Donghyuck saying he's going to protect Jaemin takes on such a different meaning here, it's super creepy and sinister and I love the contrast of it from the other universe! How close these two universes are in similarity is rather haunting, and basically just because in one universe Chenle is fine, while in this one he's not - and that's taken on an entirely different ending for Jaemin and aAAAA it's so good this is so cool oh my god I love it !! This is such an interesting twist, I really love it !

    Thanks so much for writing and sharing and aaaa this concept is so cool gosh I'm in love asdfgh

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