Comment on Intervention

  1. I do know who Deadman is and his girlfriend too. As to Hal Jordan, last I knew he was one of the Green Lantern Corp. of Earth. However, after writing that I remembered that the last issue I saw he was a white ( lantern? ). A white something anyways. Loved the story and totally agree that Albus Bumblebore deserves all the bad karma that comes his way in the afterlife. I really wouldn't be surprised if, as some authors have suggested, he had a part in the deaths of Harry's parents. It certainly fit his plans for Harry. It was on his authority that Harry was placed with the Dursley's and condemned to return every year at the end of the school year. He ignored Harry's every request to leave there. In the first 11 yrs. he lived with them no one from the school, the ministry nor friend of his parents ever checked up on him. When the Order of the Flaming Chicken( as Sirius Black called the in one story I read ) stood guard on the place they did nothing about Vernon abusing Harry during the summers. I mean, what kind of moron sees an 11 yr. old working all day in the hot summer sun with no break, little or no food and thinks " Everything's fine. Nothing wrong with this sight. "? Me

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