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  1. I know this fic is ancient, but I absolutely love it! Just finished watching the series two days ago and I didn't like the ending, so I'm scouring the internet for fics. This was perfect. Very in character for Sam, Meg and everyone else mentioned.

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    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment! I also didn't care for the ending of the series and keep hoping that the alternate ending supposedly filmed at the time might pop up somewhere, but so far, no luck. I'm so glad this story worked for you and felt true to the characters, who I loved so much on the show - thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for saying such kind things!

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      1. So oddly enough, I was at the Austin TV Festival this weekend (hence why I just finished the show) and they had an American Dreams reunion panel, and they actually showed us the additional ending. Does a great job of recapping it. (I'll paste the relevant part here in case URLS don't work)

        "Picking up three years after we last saw Meg (at which time she was leaving town with Milo Ventimiglia‘s Chris, while on bad terms with her family), our leading lady — now sporting long hair and hippie-ish duds — is making her way to Woodstock. Upon meeting a pair of free-spirited, seriously inquisitive travelers, Meg begins a trip down memory lane (cue: emotional clips aplenty).

        She reveals that she’ll be attending the famed concert with her best friend Sam, who’s just graduated from college, and that her other best friend Roxanne lives in New York with a kid and her husband (Luke!). We also learn that Patty ended up going to Radcliffe, and, most notably, that Meg hasn’t been home since that fateful night of the Season 3 finale.

        A moment later, Meg is walking into her childhood home’s backyard, where her nephew Trip (JJ and Beth’s son) plays on a swing set. He recognizes her from pictures, he says, and then mentions that a man will soon walk on the moon (setting the time around July 20, 1969). Then Jack enters the scene.

        After staring at his daughter for more than a few beats, Jack calls his grandson back inside. Helen soon meets him at the door, sits stunned for a moment herself and then Jack breaks the ice. “Are you hungry?” he asks his estranged daughter, who sighs in relief and says yes. In his hard-headed way, he tells her that her mother probably has some leftovers and walks back inside. Helen and Meg then embrace while he looks on in the background.

        As the camera pans back, radio news coverage from Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon plays us out. (Sob!)"

        It didn't exactly provide much closure but at least she came home, has a potential for something (or at least a friendship) with Sam, and Chris wasn't there! So at least that's something.

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        1. Oh my goodness, I just clicked on this comments section to remind myself of what happened in the flash-forward and realized that i never replied to you - I am SO SORRY! Thank you so much for sharing this description with me, it really was so meaningful to me because the knowledge that this ending was out there but that we haven't been able to see it has really driven me crazy in the years since this wonderful show went off the air. The ending you describe sounds like a lovely, hopeful note for the story to end on and I wish we'd been able to see it at the time! But I'm so glad you were able to see it now and I thank you so, so much for sharing this with me.

          And again, I am so, so sorry for taking so long to reply to you! Argh, I am the worst!

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