Comment on Drottningville

  1. OMG! Who was that redheaded zombie? Pete and Hank collected him from some road anywhere or they killed someone so they could to use him as a killing machine against Penny's people? Who got killed in the RV's bed? Hopefully not Nigella?! I hope she and her husband are ok. Her brother is a moron, anyway. Also, what happened to that other woman Pete and Hank had with them? Marlene, was her name? That RV needs to be decontamined before someone gets to live in it. :P Go, Penny! I loved the tearing gas idea. I think I said it so in an earlier comment, though? :P A sieve, my mind is. :D I loved Missy and Sharon's talk regarding Pete and Hank and then going right to the really important business as the incoming fair. :D Priorities! I like theirs. :D I loved the interviews bits at the end. It's very interesting to learn about how things and people will fare some years down the line. And I find community organization related matters such as law & rules quite fascinating, too! So, thanks for this update. I enjoyed it and also got new questions about things. :P Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

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