Comment on Drottningville

  1. Aaaarrggghhh! Cliffhanger! :P So, the RV was a Trojan Horse, uh? Good plan. But Penny & Co. are always ready! I am curious about what or who they will find once the tear gas clears out. Hopefully the entire thing wasn't a set up by the Travellers? I am excited about what will happen next. :D Poor Martha and Camilla! It was good to see some of their trauma coming out but it's a bit heart-breaking to read about it. Hope they'll get more settled in the farm in time. Everybody there is good people. They are safe, there! But, yeah. They need to learn that by themselves and to talk with others, to ask their questions is the best way. Thank you for this update. I love your story, now and forever. :D Take care and have a good incoming week!

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