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  1. I am wondering about the physical, genetic consequences of Penny's current status. I mean, she is sorta half-zombie. How that translates to her body's inner works, down to the cell level? What changes has our girl suffered? If any? Also, the zombies' attention to wandering humans around them is caused by some kind of genetic marker or such what the dead can to perceive? Or is the lack of such genetic marker what causes them to go for the humans? Seeing them as Not-Like-Us and thus, prey? How Penny fits in any of those crazy theories of mine? :P I am so curious about it all! :D I loved the shopping bits! Penny's POV while going at it was so awesome thing to read as always. :) (Unwillingly?) hilarious! The mall sections Penny visited and the remains of human habitation in them brought me to mind the Romero movie which was set in a mall. The more recent version, I mean. I have watched the older too, but the newest is what I best remember right now. :P Howard is a great guy. I didn't get the joke about a Jewish knight but the other about weddings was good. :D The poor man must to be worrying to death with Penny inside that mall. Also, she is not smiling for true. *Hugs our brave girl* I am worried about that secret meetings the others in the compound are having. I know they are rightly irked about Penny and the geniuses being all secretive about something. But I fear a Mutiny on the Bounty! O_O Nah. That people seems to be too good for such foolishness. But disension is not good. Penny & the Geniuses should to explain things someday soon, I think. Not in depth, perhaps. But some bullet points, sorta? Anyway, good chapter. :D I enjoyed it. Thanks for the update. Take care and have a good Sunday!

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