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  1. Bkub Saaya

    Ngl, my first thought when I read the title was "Is this a Pokemon Adventures AU," but then when I saw it clearly wasn't, I was both unsure and scared of what it could mean. Then Himari said it, and everything immediately made sense. From then on, it was like watching a train wreck in motion, and I loved it, and then there was the bit where Rimi and Himari were trying to convince Chisato to kill them and not the other, only for it to quickly evolve into flirting and a confession. God, this was a beautiful trip.

    Poor Kaoru, though. I wouldn't wish sugar-free gummy bears on my worst enemy, and she said it all went according to plan? I can't believe Kaoru Seta died for our sins.

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    1. Oh god oh fuck now I want to write a Pokemon Adventures AU THANKS LILY

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