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  1. I don’t know if you are continuing this, but I sure hope so. Wow. What a concept- Charles keeping his gifts so tightly under wrap as to constitute self-harm and I really love the idea of a telepath as strong as Charles needing to touch other people’s minds, yet fearing harm to others and already mired in the belief that even mutants won’t accept him OR his needs because he’s crazy powerful even among the different... and I love the idea that, unlike Raven, Eric truly accepts and loves al mutants- which means he has no problem with a mutant using their powers as needed by their biology so long as it’s not unreasonable (like death or maiming... find balance- not suppress yourself sick in an attempt to fit in).

    I also find it intriguing that Raven is so stuck up about “mutant and proud” when she, herself, spent her life A. hiding, B. making assumptions about other mutants (such as Charles having it easy since he physically looks like everyone else and can “hide” his gift... when in reality being a telepath as strong as he is must have been torture at least until adulthood when chemicals settled and he gained control over his mental self as adults do), and in this story, C. literally rejected Charles’s gift without even inquiring about it first... she basically told Charles to literally not be who he is as if he could simply change his biology when inconvenient to others... and the sad thing is that Charles cares SO MUCH about others that he tried- for her. I love the idea of Eric welcoming Charles into his head and life 100% and without reservation- just total trust in Charles being Charles and understanding when there are slip ups.

    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder has to be a thing if he’s experiencing EVERYONES ENTIRE LIFE. Possibly he’s even a secret drug addict- Xanax or prozac or something that allows him to dissociate. I’d believe that.

    Man, but Raven has a rude awaking coming her way. I’m ridiculously gleeful about that. It really is interesting. Physical vs mental differences.

    On one hand, Raven will always stand out in her natural form... but people will always fear and persecute amy threat to their perceived self/privacy/choices/freedom/control and people with mental powers like Charles has? Tick all the boxes. Raven can change forms, so she’s a threat- but she’s always going to be an external threat and therefore more tolerable than a threat unseen, uncontrollable (ex shackles), unknown (who can know the extent a brain can go?) ... so logically, it’s actually far less likely society would tolerate Charles when you really think about it. Which reminds me, protective Eric is AWESOME. Surprisingly few of those.

    Eric really is kind, I think... it’s just he’s more pragmatic and realistic with a heavy dash of pessimism thrown in (for VERY GOOD REASON...) and that means he rarely has the opportunity to demonstrate that kindness since he feels the need to exert strength among most over vulnerabilities. I have no doubt he legitimately hates certain people and I have no doubt he’s totally fine with murder if it is a means to an end, but I firmly believe his actions are actually rooted in being a good person - one who is determined to fight for those he considers his people - for those who are different and yet too vulnerable to fight for themselves- for a people who haven’t yet encountered the horror he has (concentration camp, death, etc.) and for a people he KNOWS in his heart and mind are ABSOLUTELY at risk of the very same thing happening to them.

    I was actually rewatching the series recently and it occurred to me Charles and Eric balance each other out well because Charles is entirely too optimistic about humanity’s capacity for good and Eric is entirely too pessimistic about humanity’s capacity for evil... they kinda remind me a bit of Martin Luther King vs Malcom X- same issues, different approaches and yet there’s respect there.

    I really do hope this isn’t discontinued... although I’m fervently hoping the ear is a recent injury and will at least heal because something about torn ears gives me the herbie-jeebies... Probably, rooted in knowing someone who had that and I cannot even speak about what happened to cause it *shudder* oh the trauma... ANYWAY. I also really dig the house having psychic injuries. Cool.

    Have a good one. Ta

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    1. Thanks for the insight and feedback. I'm still have every intention to doing the 3rd movie in this AU Series, just got to get the story settled and it's not cooperating at the moment

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      1. That’s fantastic! So exciting! It’ll be great, I’m sure.

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