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  1. neveralarch - a lone tree on a highway

    I'm so glad you liked!!! I also don't know the etiquette, haha, you may have noticed my struggles with 'how to tell internet acquaintance that I am ficcing their work and also how the hell does tumblr do anything.' I'm also really glad the narration worked, because that's what I was doing during all the editing - I hadn't reread Crossroads and the Gate before finally getting the first draft done, so then I reread it and had to fix... everything.

    Like, I don't know if it ruins things to reveal the process behind this, but I'm compelled to do so anyway: I was really affected by Crossroads and the Gate as, idk, a piece of craft - I really liked the way it was written and found myself thinking in that style pretty easily. I jotted down the first couple lines of this fic almost immediately, though I've lost that piece of paper, haha. I think it was something like 'Arruen comes to Venadan in his dreams, and his hands drip blood and his eyes are deep black holes. "Sorry," says Arruen. "I can't turn off the symbolism."' Which was pretty much the whole fic in a nutshell, so I left it there. But the idea's been kicking around in the back of my head ever since, and after I successfully wrote one fic by voice memo the very next fic I thought of was this, because I had it more or less complete in my mind. (At some point I was also going to request Crossroads and the Gate for Yuletide but chickened out/realized I should just write this fic instead.) So, uh, thank you for putting it out in the world, it was really inspiring!

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