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  1. I struggle to find the words, it's hard to express everything i'm feeling and everything i want to say, but i'll try, because i haven't done it for your other masterpiece and since this is complete i'll do it for this one.
    It's so hard for me to like a fic from the start, usually i have to go through the first few slowly built chapters to be able to enjoy the rest. Only a few fics have captured my attention fully from the starts, and they are my all time favourite fics. One of them is written by you, but i obviously didn't know when i started this. You had me at the first scene, the characterisation is more than good, seriously, and everything feels so real, it satisfies me so much to read something that feels like it could happen in real life, it doesn't matter what prompt you use, what plot you work with, you are able to make everything so credible. I love that you work so much with actions and dialogue, because for me, a good work is the one that makes you feel the emotions without having to explain them, and you do that incredibly well. The pretend boyfriend au is not new, the sex worker/businessman au is not new, but you made them so original with your unique style. The way you wrote Harry is just... so incredible. It's one of my favourite Harry in any fic every written, because i feel like it's more close to who Harry is now, the clothes, the wit, the cleverness, but especially the fact that it's an all-around character. I just love how much he owns what he does and who he is, because sometimes Louis is depicted as the only one who plays games and Harry is just gone for Louis since day one, but i love how the focus here is on Harry, how Harry is the one that we get to know more as we read, this might not make sense but i just really really love how you wrote Harry, a lot. Their dynamics are incredible, the way they interact with each other reminds me so much of them in real life, they care about each other so much, even when they might not be explicit about it, and i love that, i love how i could be able to feel the emotions even if they weren't described, i love that physical attraction and affection interlaced and danced together so much, i know of a fic where they only have sex and never kiss until their feelings for each other are verbalised, now this is kind of the other way round and it works AS WELL, it's incredible because i feel like you could work on any plot and make it so much better than it sounded like. I know this is long and probably doesn't make sense but i just... i just need to tell you what a wonderful surprise this was, i honestly hope you'll be writing more HL because your writing brightens my mood, my days, it makes me feel so happy, i feel so inspired by it, by your characters and their relationship, because it's the perfect way of being with someone, not because everything goes smoothly but because there is an unspoken trust and affection that gives me so much energy and optimism.
    Oh and i loved Zayn and Niall, they were hilarious! And all the other characters, they are so unique! And the Ziall-ympics gave me so many Dream Team feelings, it was incredible! I love your descriptions, the food, the resort, Harry's prep, everything you write about feels so real and magical at the same time, I really think you have a great talent and I hope you'll never stop writing, i think i'm going to read all your stuff even if it's not HL because i'm addicted to your style, thank you so much for this, it was the best surprise, so amazingly unexpected, thank you!! Have a wonderful day <3

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