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  1. Aaaaaw, I made a wrong click, and my answer to you disappeared, and it was a long one ... Try again now :)

    So glad you enjoyed this piece!! It is the counterpart of Mirna's "Bedside Manner". She set up a mini challenge for the two of us, with the only specification that Vin is sick and Chris tells a story (and it's an interesting coincidence that you knew both of the stories before^^).

    It'a always encouraging to hear that "my" Chris and Vin are IC. They tend to be wordier than in the film, but here, it felt right to limit their dialogue to the basics. It doesn't take away any of the closeness <3

    Before this story, I didn't know Brer Rabbit or Compère Lapin *blush* I was just looking on the internet for a Cajun fairy tale that would be long enough, and mostly bright. So I chose this one, and didn't take the legend about children who died unchristened and therefore haunted the Bayous at night, making boats turn over XD

    I'm happy that you share my decision for sticking to "Compère". It surely stands out a bit in the English text (as it did in the German one), but as you say, it shows the relevance to the seven, and as Chris is francophone, it might also be natural for him to leave it so.

    Yes, the "Here, I mean." was some kind of lifeline to make it sound less kitschy ;) But the meaning behind it remains (and all the better!).

    I also enjoyed writing this scene with the touch. It might be just innocent, showing the need of some comfort, because one isn't well. But it might also mean that he's starting to claim Chris for himself <3 Either way, it does them good.

    It's a children's tale, and I was thinking about what an adult could learn from it. Rabbit being resourceful is certainly part of it^^

    So good to hear you also like the ending! Also, because "Why not stay?" wasn't easy to translate. In German, it was a statement, with the request softened by a particle, so there was no direct translation ...

    Yes, I wanted to convey ALL of that, and I agree. They both need that closeness and they really absorb all of the attentions and interactions. They haven't yet "officially" decided how it will go on, but they feel in their guts that it would be right to move on together <3
    (I think Chris will take back his pillow for the night, though. Otherwise, he would have to look for a substitute, like ... sleeping in Vin's lap^^ And that would be no. At least, not yet).

    Do you know Harry Potter? If you drank some Polyjuice Potion, you could take the shape of Vin for an hour or so, and you'd be more likely to have your bed time story. (I'd like that, too. I like his voice).

    You're welcome!! :)) To be precise, I asked Mirna a few questions (without throwing the whole text at her^^), and after the upload, she had the kindness to point out other things in an email, which I corrected yesterday. So if you find some things changed, those are additional improvements. I hug you, too! Have a nice day <3

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    1. What a lovely long response to my comments! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

      Yes, I love Harry Potter and agree that some Polyjuice Potion could definitely be put to good use in that manner! :) (Have always loved Yul's voice..)

      I hope you have a lovely day too! :) ...and thanks again! XX (andanotherhug!)

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      1. Lovely long comments deserve just such responses :)

        Yes, his voice really was/is something. Luckily, you can still listen to interviews (in English and in French). This is my favourite one, I think:

        I'm glad I got to know you and it's a pleasure sharing my fics with you <3

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