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  1. Hi there, I really love your Outlander fics, you are an excellent writer. I am writing an Outlander and Harry Potter crossover. THis is a Rupert/Oc, and Jamie/claire story. My character is ablind Native American Lakota Sioux, who is going home from a Dakota pipeline protest, when she falls through some stones near the Standing ROck reservation. She is a blind witch, who went to school with Harry and his friends as a foreign exchange student from third year onwards. It has the boring title of the witch and the highlander lol. I got tired of the lack of native american stories, written from a native american perspective, so I am writing one. My character's nameis Alice Cross, I am trying to find a good Lakota name for her. SHe becomes good friends with Jamie, CLaire, Colum and Dougal, and Ned GOwan, along with Latitia and Mrs. Fitz and Murtagh.
    Alice's father is a medicene man for her tribe.
    Do you want to roleplay a scene? I think you would be god at it, sense your a good writer. It will be when she propperly meets Dougal, Angus and Rupert as she finds out about her and Claire being guarded.
    I can play Angus and ALice, while you can play DOugal and Rupert if you want to.

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    1. Thank you very much for the invitation. I'm not able to take on any additional writing projects at this time.

      I wish you good fortune in your writing endeavors.

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