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  1. There are so many amazing turns of phrases is basically have to copy paste the entire fic to get them all. like "She’s started counting the syllables in everything he says, boxing him up and placing him neatly into haikus."

    And "Her new curse is that she can't ask him to."

    oh, and "Like a child she never got to be. Like a real child, not a block of wood waiting to be carved into a real boy."
    I mean!!!!!!!!

    But I need to talk about all of this: "She finds her favorites, returns to them like old friends.

    What would it be like to have old friends? Or really, to have friends at all?"

    As someone who's felt this way about so many books for such a long time... To see Akito, in particular, starting to experience this? it's something I want her to have and also just... fascinating to witness. Knowing who she is and what's she's done and what's been done to her.

    "The house is silent, quieter still when Shigure is gone. It feels colder. She tries not to wait by the window like some sailor’s wife; at least now she has her paperback companions. She’s read them, re-read them, knows their meter and rhythm, sees their words imprinted on her eyelids when she closes her eyes." This is just beautiful and yeah, relatable.

    and then:
    "This time when Shigure returns, it is not with a book for her to read.

    "You’ve taken to the poets,” he says. “Why don't you join them?" And his smile is softer than she deserves when he presses a virgin notebook into her hands, pages untouched like fresh snow."
    Left hook!

    "Maybe Shigure should have been God instead."
    KAY! OH!

    I will absolutely look up Ishigaki Rin. First Chihayafuru and now this fic have reminded me of my interest in Japanese writers and poets.

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    1. Oh my gosh this is so lovely?? I was very particular with my words on this one and it really means the world to me that there were so many lines that resonated!! Thank you so much. 🥰

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