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  1. since I played How to Date a Magical Girl! I have been under a psychic geas because I hated the ending actually so goddamn much that the game stuck inside my brain and became this sort of Thing I talked about to people because I was absolutely convinced that this game's baffling effect on my psyche was the only effect it had had on anyone at all. It was such a Thing that my geas meant I would be forced to write fic of this game if and only if an actual tag came into use on AO3 without my action whatsoever, because I refused to be the first.

    I hadn't checked in nearly half a year and had sort of almost blissfully forgotten about this curse until I idly checked it today and found this fic. I am currently undergoing psychic death with the understanding that I've got to do something I had believed was a horrifying possible future reality. There's a How to Date a Magical Girl! AO3 tag. All my friends are laughing at me. My suffering is immeasurable.

    The fic is solid, by the way. Makes as much sense as anything.

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