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  1. Well- you did a pretty good job of it from someone who knows ;) Though it's not the ham on Thursdays that's the issue, it's the "Steak" on Fridays. There's a reason the Boardroom becomes so popular on those nights! And, though I got the narrative point, the thought of a bathtub at Q-town makes me shudder. There were times the showers were frightening enough.

    But regardless, this was a very well written story and thoroughly enjoyable. Thanks!

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    1. Neal In A White Collar

      Aw, they don't have bathtubs at Quantico? Foiled!

      Glad I got it mostly right though. The ham was a personal touch -- it was our Thursday dining-hall meal at college. I figure most halls have at least one dish they just keep falling down on. Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it!

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