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  1. First off - thank you for writing this for me! I can't get enough of their cuteness, like they just wiggled their way into my little grinch heart! <3

    Second - So much of this was funny as hell! Vibrator boyfriends, the relatable feeling of fuck, fuck, fuck when you have to deal with family, the dumb blonde in a horror movie reference, the auntie who talks wayyyy too much, etc.

    But this, this is the line that I think took me out of commision - 'I was first greeted by cousin Sophia, the twenty-something artist of the family. Seeing her accusing face should have been a foreboding sign. Like a picket-sign at the entrance of a dark forest telling others to turn back now. As the main character of a horror movie, I thought nothing of it.'

    Too great! I look forward to reading more of your works. My latest head cannon for this couple is that aunt Carol ships Tracey a new working head for Daniel to... "test out" - I predict so many real kisses and other great things would happen. XD

    Mwahhhhhhh - sending you so much love and thanks!!! <3

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    1. first- I might cry. I never understood ppl being mushy with compliments on their work but because you took the time to write all this out is touching.

      second- I was watching a bunch of horror movies for quarantine so I committed to the horror theme of family reunions, they generally suck.

      third- if I ever get out of my funk for writing erotica I may steal that head cannon. with your permission of course. its an interesting one.

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      1. First - I totally agree with you I never got the mushy thing until I got my first really sweet comment on my own work - but let me say bask in it! You deserve it Glenn Coco!! *in my Mean Girls voice*

        Second - Quarantine is it's own horror movie so I feel you!

        Third - It's not stealing if I throw it at you to use ;P Take it away when you get out your funk. :)

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