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  1. This is a little dialouge heavy, but I did enjoy it. I feel like in the HP fandom , dating is glossed over in a lot of fics. They are basically in love forever after the triwizard tournament or since they met on the train. I like Hermione and Ron wanting to play the field, and having a friendly talk about it. You equating Ginny's diary to Ron's locket is a good touch, I haven't seen that brought up a lot.

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    1. That, and also how incredibly tragic any breakup is described. A breakup doesn’t mean that the other guy/gal is traitor, murderer, Dark Wizard, and basically a son of Devil. The point of dating is to find out whether a boy and a girl work well together. Thus, there are many cases where they find out they actually don’t, and I know personally (or used to, I am too old for dating now) many couples who just peacefully decided it doesn’t work for them and they amicably split and stayed friends. Not everything in the world is a telenovela and splitting up doesn’t mean abduction, assassination, or hatred forever.

      Also, I am a big fan of Ron/Lavender pair, and there are so few of those stories, and almost none of them really good. Oh well.

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