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  1. Fantastic work done here I should say. These characters are so adorable, especially Magneto who's my favorite (have something to do with the face and the excellent performance done by the actor Micheal Fassbender I should admit).
    Anyway, I just wish you could know how much I love your series! Though it was a little weird at first to saw Raven and Moira written in this way but that actually made sense at the end.
    Excellent work you've done, again.
    Btw, spoken as a foreign reader whose native language isn't English and requires quite complex measures getting access to ao3 website (yeah I'm Chinese you know), may I have the honor to translate your awesome works (both A Single Shot and Save the Mutant Save the World) into Chinese in case I can let many of my people to enjoy your great stories?

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    1. Sorry for the late delay - it's been a rough few weeks.

      I have no problem you translating it to Chinese just let me know where they get posted.


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