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  1. OMG! This chapter has been intense. The mixing of Penny scenes and Sheldon going around the compound looking for her when we all knew she could to turn anytime was so nail-bitting! Well done! I am hoping for Penny being immune but she becoming feverish and later blacking out gives me not good vibes regarding her fate. O.O Hopefully it's just a fast acting Tetanus bout? Nooooo, Peeeeeeennnyyyyyy! Damn it, girl! You are the soul fundation of that compound. And you hafta take those rapists to the carpet, too. You cannot die. Up and to them, girl! I really don't know what to do if Penny dies. She has become a sorta institution herself in her group. Leader, planner, friend, all-around badass. :P I'm gonna hope for a miracle, here. :) Thank you for this update. I didn't expect it so fast in the tail of the previous installment but it has been a welcome surprise. Do not matter how upsetting its contents. But I have faith. Penny is akin to Superwoman, in an understated but totally efficient way. :D Take care and have a good incoming week! Hope you're keeping safe and healthy! Virtual hugs!

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