Comment on The OTW and COVID-19

  1. AO3 is a huge comfort to so many of us, and even more so in times like these! Thank you for everything! <3 Stay safe and healthy!

    And here are a couple of recs!

    Pray for Us Sinners, by Cousin Shelley (The Exorcist - TV show)
    Summary: Three months after the exorcism of Casey Rance, Tomas still has nightmares.

    The Long Way Round, by thisbluespirit (Star Wars prequel trilogy)
    Summary: Five steps forward in a Master & Padawan relationship.

    The Road Goes Ever On, by Chauntlucet (Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell + The Silmarillion crossover)
    Summary: Fëanáro and his family would offten travel to the very edges of Valinor seeking the unknown. Upon meeting a mysterious stranger in the woods, however, he's about to get far more than he bargained for.

    Wedding Song (There Is Love) for Aziraphale and Crowley, by everything_rhymes
    Summary: Lyrics to Peter, Paul & Mary's "Wedding Song (There Is Love)", re-written for the Ineffable Husbands

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