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  1. Dude, what the hell, I love thIS so mUCh!! All this mystery surrounding Tsuna's disappearance is so good! It was beautiful to see how much Reborn means to Tsuna. And bruh I just can't! I want to see more of Reborn interacting with Tsuna! Those small tidbits of Tsuna talking about Reborn and the part in the cLOSET?! IT'S so puRE AND HEARTWARMING! And Reborn is totally pissed! I wonder how he will react at seeing Hibari, will he beat his ass? And I have so many questions! Like in the part where Hibari is testing shoes for Tsuna and the conversation that happened in that scene makes me question whether or not Giotto took Tsuna in just so he could1 (pardon the expression) give him to Kyoya? I cannot wAIT to read the next chapter!!

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